Edge Client Overview

The Edge Client is the software component that runs on the IoT device and can be used with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or via Command Line (Terminal).

Edge Client Hosts

  • Linux (based) OS: Raspbian, Ubuntu Core, etc.
  • Windows OS: IoT Core
  • Android OS: Android Things

Main Features

  • Connect to peer-to-peer carrier network
  • Connection administration (add, remove, block)
  • Manage sensors (add, remove, modify)
  • Manage sensor logic with built-in compiler
  • Test and validate sensor logic
  • Calculation of data averages (interval & frequency based)
  • Manage events (add, remove, enable, disable)
  • Notifications (events, connections, errors, warnings)
  • Local storage of sensor reading history
  • Graphs from sensor readings
  • Connect multiple clients to form event groups
  • Distributed file storage (Elastos Hive)
  • Offline messaging
  • Update Client
  • Backup / Restore
  • Audio / Video file sharing
  • Live streaming


  • Elastos DittoBox (ownCloud)

Integration possibilities

  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Home Assistant
  • Other services with SDKs

Program Components

  • Elastos Native Carrier
  • Elastos Java SDK
  • JavaFX Framework (only for GUI version)
  • SQLite Database