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HyperConnect IoT - Remote Controller for iOS

The Remote Controller is the software component of the HyperConnect IoT Framework that runs on the mobile phone of a user and allows an overview of one or more connected Edge Clients in a visual manner.


(Option One) Download from Apple App Store

(Option Two) Build from source code

Step 1. Download the source code for XCode from:

  • Download by clicking the green button "Clone or download" on the GitHub repository.
  • Or using Git:
git clone

Step 2. Open a new terminal window and navigate to the HyperConnet project folder, where the 'Podfile' is located.

cd /YOUR-PATH/hyperconnect-remote-controller-ios

Install the dependent libraries by running the following command:

sudo pod install

Step 4. Open the HyperConnect Swift Workspace (not project) in the XCode IDE.

Step 6. Build the project.

Step 7. Start the iOS Simulator.



We welcome contributions to the HyperConnect IoT project.


A sincere thank you to all teams and projects that we rely on directly or indirectly.


This project is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3 license.